Providing our customers with the most viable alternative for achieving even their most ambitious Innovation objectives at every stage in the development process; from concept creation to prototype development, internal and external validation to launch and commercialization.

The Keys to Our Success

Serving as a seamless and confidential extension to our customers internal innovation organization respectful of corporate culture & processes

Accelerating new product speed to market by enabling a culture of pure entrepreneurship unimpeded by conflicting priorities related to day to day business needs

Leveraging core strengths and expertise in polymer compounding and processing particularly relating to sustainable materials, extrusion and foaming methods

Ensuring cost effectiveness by permitting resource flexing as project needs shift and specialized expertise are required but limited to specific aspects of the project scope

Providing a full service offering with broad  material and application testing capabilities, prototype process equipment spanning virtual all common polymer processing methods

Offering full utilization of our extensive facility and infrastructure well suited for pilot plant and semi commercial operations

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