Innologic brings your ideas to life.

About Innologic

Innologic, a Beologic spin-off, has a track record within research and development in the field of plastics. Our engineering capabilities, together with the no nonsense approach practiced in the Beologic factory, have resulted into a unique blend of good engineering practice and good manufacturing practice. Our engineering team has gradually evolved into a separate entity with its own brand name: Innologic. As an independent entity, Innologic is able to cope with ever more diversified customer requests, ranging from just colouring a substance to the design of new compounds based on specifications of the final product.

Off the beaten tracks

At Innologic, we understand better than anyone else what our customers are doing with raw compounds down the line. Why would you wait longer to upgrade your product performance and to outsource your plastics-related engineering to Innologic? Our team of highly creative professionals literally breathes out of the box. Tunnel vision stands no chance as we are dealing every day with new challenges given to us by new customers.

Back to the basics

What's the secret behind our game changing solutions? At Innologic, we break down every customer request into its most elementary specifications: application, cost, simplicity, durability, whatever... From these basics, we start building a new solution regardless of any beaten track. We are not afraid to think beyond plastics.


Fully engineered

Brainstorming, ideas, out of the box thinking, proof of concept: however creative we are, we will not let you stuck in the middle with a tremendous but unworkable concept. We work until the job is done. The result can be as specific as scale model of your future production unit or even the simulation of your process in our own factories.

  • Total solution for engineering and preproduction
  • Out of the box thinking: different process for the same compound or different compound for the same process, or just another shape
  • Extremely fast reaction time
  • Product and technology independent
  • Embedded in a network of leading suppliers for plastics processing machinery
  • Cross-linked to universities, research institutes and laboratories all over Europe