About Innologic

  • Research and development in the field of plastics
  • No nonsense approach
  • Good engineering practice
  • Good manufacturing practice
  • Upgrading your product performance
  • Outsourcing your plastics-related engineering

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Back to the basics

What’s the secret behind our game changing solutions? At Innologic, we break down every customer request into its most elementary specifications:

  • application
  • cost
  • simplicity
  • durability

From these basics, we start building a new solution regardless of any beaten track. We are not afraid to think beyond plastics.

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Fully engineered solutions

  • Total solution for engineering and preproduction
  • Out of the box thinking: different process for the same compound or different compound for the same process, or just another shape
  • Extremely fast reaction time
  • Product and technology independent
  • Embedded in a network of leading suppliers for plastics processing machinery
  • Cross-linked to universities, research institutes and laboratories all over Europe